Friday, March 24, 2017

The FAB LAB Visits Heritage Fourth Grade!

This week fourth grade teachers and students used the Heritage Library as a Maker Space to manipulate 2-D Inkscape CAD software. During this process, students worked to engineer and design their own foam core gliders after a study on aerodynamics, gravity, lift, and drag. Laser cutters allowed each student to create their own glider based from their own precise measurement specifications. The Carnegie Science Center team did an extraordinary job in their delivery of instruction and support. Binky Sargent from Kennametal, responsible for the $15,000 grant, was on hand to observe. High school students were integral in filming and interviewing the fourth graders. Please take a moment to enjoy a video snapshot of this unique experience!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Donuts with Dad 2017

Last week Heritage fathers piled in to the Heritage cafeteria to enjoy breakfast donuts with their children before school . This popular PTO sponsored event provides a low key opportunity for dads to spend a little extra time interacting with their children and other dads of kids who attend school with their children. Spending this extra time together started the school (and work) day off to a great start for all participants!


5th Grade Presents: Alice’s Adventures with Idioms

5th grade actors and actresses followed a cat and dog down the rabbit hole and arrived in...the land of idioms -and what a crazy place it was!  Directed by Christine Klemstine, students played all the parts of the familiar Wonderland characters including: the White Rabbits, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Mad Hatter and March Hare, the Cheshire Cat, and the King and Queen of Hearts. All were there to share their mixed up advice as they helped Alice and her pets along the curious world of the English language.


Friday, March 3, 2017

2nd grade celebrates Dr. Seuss' birthday

2nd graders in Miss Kilbury and Mrs. Morton's classroom enjoyed celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday together on Thursday March 2, 2017.
The day started with an Author study involving the biography of Theodore Seuss Giesel.
Students then progressed in solving Seuss money and subtraction mathematics problems in pairs and teams.
Second grade students continued during the day immersed in a rich collection of literacy activities involving the mentor text read aloud of Green Eggs and Ham where students compared and contrasted the theme of the story and how it relates to their personal connection.
These second grade classes had a wonderful time studying America's most famous author and illustrator on Read Across America day.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Poetry Posts

Every Saturday
By: Callie~4th Grade

Every Saturday
The clock hits seven
And I have to get up.

Every Saturday
I get ready
Barely awake.

Every Saturday
I struggle
As my eyes close.

Every Saturday
The sun burst on me
As I try to eat.

Every Saturday
I get in the car
And drive away.

Two Little Brothers
by Alethea~4th Grade

You’d have to be crazy
Or smart
Or experienced
To keep up with two brothers
Such as mine.
They’re like oil and water,
So why would you bother,
To get them to agree on anything.

You’d have to be crazy
Or smart
Or experienced
To keep up with two brothers
Such as mine.
They are always fighting,
And rarely uniting,
On anything they want.

You’d have to be crazy
Or smart
Or experienced
To keep up with two brothers
Such as mine.
They are really annoying,
Loud and roaring,
Which makes me want to scream!

You’d have to be crazy
Not smart
Not experienced
To love two brothers
Such as mine.
They might be little brats,
And when they mess up something you say “rats!”
But without them my life has
No adventure.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

First Grade "Expert" Writers in the Lab this Week

First grade students visited the Heritage Writing Lab this week to learn about the organizational structures associated with Informational Writing.  To establish a sense of information writing as a genre, students worked through topics that they knew a lot about.  Topics included: soccer, gymnastics, video games, cities, cats, and friendship.  Studying Steve Bloom's mentor text Elephants, first grade writers explored organizing their topics by varied text structures including: compare and contrast, parts, pros and cons, and types and kinds.

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Pittsburgh CLO Presents "Steel" for Heritage Students

This week, Heritage students engaged in the rich history of the CLO musical Steel.  Cast and crew of the CLO led students through stories of immigrant families, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the steelworkers struggle to form a union.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February Poetry Posts

by: Deven R ~ 4th Grade

You’d have to be crazy to play a sport like baseball.
Playing such a time consuming sport that you can easily get injuries from.
You’d have to be crazy to want to practice SO much, over and over again,
Playing on a dirty, rust colored field.
You’d have to be crazy to put up with all the oh’s and ah’s from the fans,
As the dust is flying around as the cleats on your feet scrape across the ground.
Cool breezes come and go as you dash around the field.
Winds so strong it feels as if it’s a wolf howling in the night.
The CLAMP! Of the ball hitting the leather of your glove.
You’d have to be crazy to play a sport like that.


by Jake R ~ 4th Grade

You’d have to be crazy to not like Jelly as your favorite youtuber because he is nice to subscribers, his friends and his haters.
You’d have to be crazy to not like Jelly as your favorite youtuber because he rage quits in some games that are hard.

You’d have to be crazy to not like Jelly as your favorite youtuber because he is funny and he makes jokes.
You’d have to be crazy to not like Jelly as your favorite youtuber because he has 5,285,860 subscribers in 2017.

Monday, February 20, 2017

February Poetry Posts

Dirt and Dust
by Reagan T ~ 5th Grade

I will never understand why on days like this,
when the leaves turn golden brown, and the
air is cold and hard, I am brought to
the field, enjoying long breaths that I
take, of dirt and dust.

I will never understand why I am
lifted  by the ringing sound of hollow metal,
violently swinging, the whistle in the air, until
it bashes into the hard, solid mass of
the pitch. The feel of yelling "RUN," to
the batter. Then it is my turn.

I will always imagine the whistle of
my bat, the ringing of the hit, the smell
of dirt and dust rolling in, even before I
go. To run towards the orange, rubber
bag, sinking under my right foot, letting me
push off easily, with sweat rolling down my face.

When I grow old, I will still enjoy
the breath of dirt and dust. I will love
hearing pitches and hits; not knowing why
it lifts me.

by Jack S ~4th Grade

Every Saturday,
I rise up,
to the lowly daylight,
for swimming.

Every Saturday,
I drift into
the backseat,
as I cruise down the road,
half asleep.

Every Saturday,
I arrive at a high school,
I warm up in this pool.

Every Saturday,
I jump up onto the miniature,
diving board,
With five others.

Every Saturday,
I shoot through the air
off the miniature diving board,
and begin.

Every Saturday,
I crush old records.

Every Saturday.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

February Poetry Posts

What lifts me...
by Mr. Keys

What lifts me
roots me
grows me
moves me
shifts me

What lifts me
mutes me
knows me
proves me
gifts me

Stretching me beyond myself
leaving me breathless with wonder
as "whats" so rarely do
Not a what

It's Raining
by Danny A ~4th Grade

Little splashes in the puddle
on my driveway.
Kids in bright yellow rain coats
Splashing through the heavy rain.
The trees' leaves shine with
droplets of water,
people rushing inside because 
they forgot their umbrellas.
Water soaking our windows. The 
most beautiful weather. Rain. 
I look outside my bedroom, as I 
see all of this. And the only thing
   I can